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Mole Hills Yards

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  1. Jun 05,  · Another way to get rid of moles in your yard is to deter them with urine. You can use human or animal urine. If you have dogs, let them do their business in the yard and they will help take care of things. You could also use your own urine and pour it onto the mole hills. I’ll let you decide the best way to get human urine onto the mole hills 🙂/5(16).
  2. Mole Scam Professional lbs - -is a professional granulated mole repellent that drives moles from your yard by organic repellents (Castor Oil - %, Citronella Oil %, Garlic Oil %). Apply Mole Scram Professional during the mole seasons, usually in the spring and fall; lasts days, covers up to 16, square feet.
  3. A mole could likely dig deeper to avoid the repellent or tunnel elsewhere in your yard. Repellents are best used to keep moles from coming into your yard in the first place, or at least to keep them out of certain areas. Tar: Similar to castor oil, moles will also stay away from the smell and taste of tar. This repellent is more difficult to work with, so it isn’t recommended to spray or pour it directly on your yard.
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  5. Jul 17,  · Holes that suddenly appear in your yard can do significant damage to plants and flowers you are trying to grow. The holes can be different sizes and some holes are surrounded by dirt. To combat the problem, you need to find out what animal you are dealing with. Moles and chipmunks frequently make holes to reside in.
  6. Sep 15,  · Signs of Moles In Yard. Since moles are normally hidden underground in their tunnels, you rarely see one. However, there are things to look for to determine if you may have a mole problem: Molehills, which can look like anthills, are usually the biggest indication. Like ants, as they tunnel, they get rid of the dirt.
  7. Yard Mole Treatment How to Aerate a Yard Mole hills and tunnels can do significant damage to your lawn, creating tripping hazards and leaving grass roots exposed, which can kill the grass.
  8. An underground barrier around the perimeter of your yard might be more effective, but might not be practical, depending on the size of your yard. Although the tunnels/mounds are unsightly, and occasionally mole tunneling can remove soil around the roots of plants, causing problems, the moles help to aerate the soil and eat grubs and other pests.
  9. Aug 06,  · Signs Of Moles In Your Yard A lot of us work hard to keep our yard and our landscape looking a certain way. It takes a lot of effort to get the lawn mowed at just the right length, or the shrubs and the flowers looking just so/5().

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